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Project Description


New Empowerment for Refugees assists refugees in obtaining gainful employment. We feel this is key to successful adjustment, self esteem and self-sufficiency.

We work with local organizations and agencies to identify local jobs and training opportunities. We also assist our clients in meeting work requirements, completing eligibility and qualification documentation.

We want to partner with you to support your business growth.

Why Hire Refugees?

At New Empowerment for Refugees, we prepare refugees for employment and self-sufficiency in the United States. Refugees come to the United States with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

How We Help

Education about the American workplace

Workplace education provides the foundation for successful refugee employment. Our employment specialists orient refugees to American workplace norms through weekly job preparation classes. They cover topics such as common workplace vocabulary, appropriate attitudes for customer-service, and work schedules.

Practical experience through workshops

New Empowerment for Refugees holds workshops to further help refugees prepare for work.  Our employment counselors and volunteers work closely with refugee clients so that refugees are prepared and feel confident for work.

Connecting with local employers

Our employment specialists provide local employers with pre-screened, hardworking, loyal, and drug-free candidates. By understanding an employer’s needs, the employment specialist hand-selects qualified candidates from a diverse pool, thus saving the employer time and money.  Many local employers trust World Relief Seattle to continually provide excellent candidates and ongoing support for their staffing needs.


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